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  • Seriana Gamble, LCMHCA

    Seriana is a NCC and LMHCA who graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with her master’s in clinical mental health counseling. She has a passion for working with young children under 8, teens, and adults. Seriana has 8+ years of experience working with children in the childcare field before working in the counseling field. She has experience working with clients with OCD, anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic pain, and life transitions while using ERPT, play therapy, animal-assisted interventions, and CBT based on the individual.


    Seriana feels passionate about assisting those with chronic pain or autoimmune disorders, such as sickle cell disorder. She has experienced autoimmune disorders and chronic pain personally, within her community, and indirectly from family members and wants to help other young people work through experiencing pain and medical trauma early in life.  


    In her spare time, Seriana can often be found reading, traveling, thrifting, or eating. She has 2 pet bearded dragons named Roscoe and Pogo that sometimes join her in the therapy space. Seriana loves animals and hosts an animal podcast. Because she has experienced life through various lenses, Seriana enjoys laughing as much as possible, dancing like no one is around, and living life to the fullest with food somewhere in reach.

    Licensed in NC