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  • Jamoria Harris, MPH, Intern

    Jamoria graduated from Campbell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Counseling and Clinical Research. She graduated with a Master of Public Health degree from Benedictine University and is concurrently obtaining a Master of Science in Counselor Education as well as her Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree.

    She is interested in mental health among youth and adolescents as well as single parents. She has experience in substance abuse and addiction counseling and has hosted small group sessions among adults and adolescents.  She also served as a board member for a local nonprofit organization for at-risk youth. She aims to be part of the change that improves conditions and behaviors that affect health physically and mentally. 

    Jamoria believes in a holistic approach when counseling clients. This approach allows her to be inclusive of the client’s body, mind, spirit, soul, and emotion. With this approach, she aims to incorporate behavioral theory by considering internal and external factors that are affecting one’s mental health. She understands that not every approach or therapy plan is the same for each person, so she ensures that from day one she is empathetic, patient, and always actively listening to her client’s needs and wants.  

    She is multicultural competent and believes that this is a lifelong practice and essential in counseling practices. She understands the importance of traditions and cultures and believes that multicultural counseling is essential to one’s training and practice.  Therefore she educates herself on her clients’ traditions and cultural preferences, to ensure that each person feels welcome as well as to formulate treatment plans and approaches that incorporate what is important to her clients’ traditions and beliefs. She chooses to not go into sessions with a narrow mind but to be open to other influences, experiences, and traditions that have started or exacerbated her client’s well-being. This approach allows her to address the root cause of mental health while also healing the body. For clients whose goals are to change how they think and behave, she combines holistic therapy with cognitive counseling for negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that her clients portray. She ensures that her therapeutic approach is non-biased and that she provides a trustworthy, comfortable, emotional, and safe mental space for all of her clients.