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  • Nadara Albanese, LCMHC

    I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor practicing in North Carolina and a NC Licensed School Counselor (K-12). I have been in the counseling profession for 26 years. I received my Master of Arts degree in Counseling Education with a concentration in Behavioral Psychology.

    I grew up as a transient “military brat” and have continued to travel for leisure as an adult. I have also had many different life experiences and challenges that have helped me relate to people, students, and clients with many different backgrounds.  I have a unique specialty in school counseling and a passion for motivating teens. What I have learned throughout my life is that no matter how different we are, we are all capable of experiencing the same emotions although, they can be triggered by different things. I believe we are fortunate to be able to choose how we react to our emotions or to those of others. I want to help clients live their best lives by identifying goals and acquiring the understanding and skills needed to experience positive changes in life and in relationships. 

    My treatment approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Reality Therapy while focusing on providing a holistic, strength-based, and individual or family centered treatment plan. I want to help my clients make positive changes in their lives.  Other approaches I use include Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and Motivational Therapy. In my sessions, I also promote good physical health. I believe overall wellness from the inside out is a large contributing factor to our emotional well-being. 

    Practicing in NC