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  • Rasheede Hicks, LCMHC, LPC, LPCS

    Rasheede began her work in the community providing individual and family counseling.   She’s always been passionate about helping my clients reach their fullest potential in the here and now.  She has twenty + years of mental health experience. 

    What differentiates her as a provider?  Her life experiences, past and present. Her passion and drive. Her tolerance and understanding. Her ability to identify/discern what her clients are seeking and need.

    Rasheede’s goal is to ensure that each client feels supported and validated while trying to “figure life out”.  Life can be extremely challenging, unpredictable, and stressful at times. Rasheede prides herself on trying to make the most of each therapy session ensuring that her client’s individual needs are being met.  

    Some of Rasheede’s specialties include Generalized anxiety, social anxiety, Depression, Anger Management and stress. She also works with individuals experiencing emotion dysregulation, Relationship issues, Parenting, Women/Men Issues and Stress in the Workplace.  **Flexibility, receptiveness, and unconditional positive regard are some of her personal/ professional qualities.